Sunday, December 14, 2008

Even before I started this blog, I have had many people request to hear stories about me growing up.  I remember one time in college, my friends and I spend an hour retelling Annie as a kid stories and we all left in tears because we laughed so hard!  I guess it was my mullet that they found so desirable...

Yep, thats a mullet!  In the fourth grade I went with my grandmother to her hairdresser and walked out with a mullet.  And the "bangs" are layered!!  The picture does not show it, but my teeth looked like Chicklets and I needed braces REAL bad.  

For two years my sister and I took dance lessons at DeAnn's Dance Studio.  In our first dance I was still in my cute phase and young enough that everything I did was cute.  During the dance, we had to jump in the air and do a full 360 turn.  I had too much spin and not enough jump.  I land and I have only rotated three-fourths of the way.  I still had spin in me however so I keep going.  Watching the video, you can see me jump to the right about two feet, my body following my head.   I have never seen John laugh so hard than when he first watched that video.  Also in the first one, the day of the recital my sister spilled nail polish on her tights and refused to wear them.  So guess who!  

The pictures above came from my second dance recital.  As you can see, I entered into my twenty year awkward phase.  In this recital, we had to wear a silver sequin headband and no headband looks good with a mullet!  Headbands so look cute, however, with blond bangs that are curled to the side like my sister had!  During this dance I was always a half beat behind because I am looking back at my sister, watching her.  I did that a lot as kid, looked at my sister.  Dont know why.  Just me being weird.  

Maybe it is because of these performances that I have not made it in the entertainment business.  Or the fact that I cannot carry a tune.  My sister used to say that when I would sing it gave her gas.  But I like to think that I turned out alright.  I am still weird at times, but I have made some progress.  

Until next time, look back at this picture when you need a good laugh!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My brief moment...

Middle Child Syndrome went into full effect this week. Not only was it just my siblings, but my little cousin Trip jumped in on it as well!

Last week for Tuesday Night Dinner my older sister Janie could not make it. We missed her, but we still had fun. Normally it is my brother Joe and Janie who tell me to do things, and I do them. I do them without question. Last week, however, the roles switched. I TOLD Joe to smell a sauce and he did, without question or hesitation! It was such a great feeling that all week I felt empowered.

Things all changed over the weekend. Janie, Joe and I were all watching YouTube videos at Janie’s house. (This is after we all went down to her office on a Thursday night to make sure she blew out her candle.) Earlier this week I saw a very funny video, it was even on, and showed it to Janie and Joe. I must admit, the version I showed them was not funny, but it was the original version I saw either. They watched about 10 seconds before turning it off. Typical Annie: I show the unfunny video.

Over the weekend, things got totally back to normal. I was house-sitting for my younger cousins while my aunt and uncle celebrated my aunt’s 50th birthday in Chicago! So when some weirdo’s showed up to the door and said “we are here for the party” I asked and “who is hosting this party?” I know, I could have said something WAY cooler, but that is not my style. The story also would have been better if the kids did not know my cousin’s name, but they did. Thank you Trip for bringing that up last night!! Janie and Joe got a huge laugh out of that.

So like always, I am reminded by myself and my family, just how much of a middle child I am.

Monday, November 10, 2008

How this all got started...

My name is Annie, and I am a middle child. For those of you who know me, it probably seems uncharacteristic of me to start a blog. That was part of the appeal! But I started this page for a couple of reasons, keep reading and I will tell you why.

It all begins with my grandmother, Neanie. Up until a few years ago, she was a hostess at a restaurant my uncle started. She still goes three to four times a week and has her own parking spot. It is her life! About two years ago my sister, my brother, my brother-in-law, and myself started taking my grandma to dinner every Tuesday night. We only go to my uncle’s restaurant. Going anywhere else is blasphemy to my grandma. These dinners have turned into the McFall’s version of “Tuesdays with Morrie.” This means that we substitute the emotional story line with alcohol. McFalls have three very obvious characteristics: we like to drink, we are great hosts (parties, guests, etc.), and we are emotionally troubled. You will learn more about that in the future!!!

For some time now, I have wanted to write about our dinners. I take advantage of this time, which my sister and brother love to make fun of me about, to really get to know my grandma. I ask her about her childhood, her life growing up, her family etc. A couple of years ago we had a scare with Neanie, and I want to know everything I can about her before she goes. I want a place to write about her and our dinners, but I am not the journal type.

Another reason for this blog is to write about my life. Not only am I the middle child but I am the black sheep as well. My sister and brothers love to point this fact out to me, especially at dinner when we are all together! I don’t mind being the middle child. I have come to accept my place in the family and realize that it is when they stop picking on me is when I need to worry. This blog is not to put them down. They are my family; they say yes when the world says no. Even though the jokes are normally at my expense, they are funny and should be shared.

There they are! The reasons for my blog. At times I will stray from the original purpose, but its my blog and I will do what I want to. I hope you enjoy…

Friday, November 7, 2008

Yeah, welcome to my blog!