Sunday, December 14, 2008

Even before I started this blog, I have had many people request to hear stories about me growing up.  I remember one time in college, my friends and I spend an hour retelling Annie as a kid stories and we all left in tears because we laughed so hard!  I guess it was my mullet that they found so desirable...

Yep, thats a mullet!  In the fourth grade I went with my grandmother to her hairdresser and walked out with a mullet.  And the "bangs" are layered!!  The picture does not show it, but my teeth looked like Chicklets and I needed braces REAL bad.  

For two years my sister and I took dance lessons at DeAnn's Dance Studio.  In our first dance I was still in my cute phase and young enough that everything I did was cute.  During the dance, we had to jump in the air and do a full 360 turn.  I had too much spin and not enough jump.  I land and I have only rotated three-fourths of the way.  I still had spin in me however so I keep going.  Watching the video, you can see me jump to the right about two feet, my body following my head.   I have never seen John laugh so hard than when he first watched that video.  Also in the first one, the day of the recital my sister spilled nail polish on her tights and refused to wear them.  So guess who!  

The pictures above came from my second dance recital.  As you can see, I entered into my twenty year awkward phase.  In this recital, we had to wear a silver sequin headband and no headband looks good with a mullet!  Headbands so look cute, however, with blond bangs that are curled to the side like my sister had!  During this dance I was always a half beat behind because I am looking back at my sister, watching her.  I did that a lot as kid, looked at my sister.  Dont know why.  Just me being weird.  

Maybe it is because of these performances that I have not made it in the entertainment business.  Or the fact that I cannot carry a tune.  My sister used to say that when I would sing it gave her gas.  But I like to think that I turned out alright.  I am still weird at times, but I have made some progress.  

Until next time, look back at this picture when you need a good laugh!!